REACH YOUR GOALS WITH Holistic Health Coaching

REACH YOUR GOALS WITH Holistic Health Coaching

Jane Butler Health Coach

Jane Butler, MSc, Cert IIN, RN (UK)

certified health and wellness coach

Let me introduce myself. I am Jane, a Certified Health Coach and UK Registered nurse of 35 years plus. Originally from London, England, I am now happily living in the Bay Area, in Northern California.

After decades of seeing what did and did not work in conventional medicine, I know that the holistic approach has a far more positive impact on health, than conventional medical interventions alone. However, let me stress, I am certainly not throwing out conventional medical treatment at all, it is very useful and in some instances essential. A more complete approach I believe is to find the root cause and support the body to promote healing through diet, exercise and lifestyle modifications.

As a Certified Health Coach, I recognize that YOUR needs are unique. The solution that worked for your friend or co-worker may not work for you. My role is to help you identify the right steps to move you towards your personal wellness vision - a custom package that truly treats you as an individual.

Using holistic skills and knowledge I have gained from being both a nurse and a health coach I empower my clients to make nutritional and lifestyle choices that produce real and lasting results.

why work with a health coach?

Most clients simply require guidance and support to manage their health and wellness goals (for a small few, this is in conjunction with their medical practitioners). Accountability and coaching from an experienced guide helps you create the balance you need when working towards your goals and dreams. Great health coaches know how to help people change and play a positive role in bringing about real and lasting results, via a bespoke coaching program. That's where I come in.

Together, we will uncover what matters to you, and identify a clear pathway based upon recommendations/suggestions that are achievable and sustainable for you.

If you are feeling a connection and would like more information then let's chat, send me a message and we can set up a free initial consultation.

Would you benefit from health coaching?

weight loss coaching


Manage your weight - become clear about food choices, manage food cravings etc.

digestive health


Improve your digestive (gut) health - constipation/ diarrhea, reduce tummy bloating.

health coaching for stress


Reduce stress in your life feel more in harmony with yourself and those around you. Have more energy and vitality in your life.

health coaching for menopause


Master the symptoms of the menopause and live the life you love.

detox cleanse


Cleansing is a part of everyday life – our bodies do it naturally, every second and every minute of the day. However, the success of our body to cope alone, and do it well, depends on how healthy it is in the first place and the demand that is being placed on it.

We are all up against daily toxins, from heavy metals, viruses, bacteria, pesticides and solvents and if that wasn’t enough, add in the effects from the high stress levels we encounter and take for normal!!!

Everyone has different thresholds for health problems and handles them in their own individual way, I totally respect this. It is valid and legitimate.

But, from time to time our bodies need the support to cleanse more effectively, this is where intentional cleansing comes in.

I offer seasonal cleanses so please stay connected to hear about the latest one and for details on how to join for a Spring, Summer, Fall, or Winter Cleanse.